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Mike Canon, a 12-year veteran of the Calvert City Police Department was named Chief last Thursday by Calvert City Mayor Gene Colburn. Today was Canon’s first day on the job as police chief. – Photo by Loyd Ford/The Lake News.

By Loyd Ford/The Lake News

Calvert City Mayor Gene Colburn with the City Council’s approval promoted Calvert City Police Officer Mike Canon to the position of Chief of Police Thursday. Today was his first day as Calvert City Chief of Police. Chief Canon has been a member of the Calvert City Police Department since May of 2012, prior to that he was a member of the Russellville Police Department for eight years.

Canon is a native of Madisonville and is a 2004 graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a B.S. degree in police administration. He is also a graduate of the Kentucky Police Corps and was sponsored by the City of Russellville for that training. Canon said two weeks after his graduation from Eastern Kentucky University he began his training at the Kentucky Police Corps in a program that required he stay at least four years at Russellville, he stayed eight years there before accepting a position with the Calvert City Police Department.

Chief Canon said the leadership was changing at Calvert City Police Department but the mission of the police department was staying the same. He said the citizens of Calvert City were a resource for the police department that allowed them to be able to do community-oriented policing. He explained the police needed to use this relationship to deter crime and it was important to maintain a positive relationship with the community.

Chief Canon said it was important for the people to know the police department’s door is always open to them. He said, “We want them to come and talk to us. We are here to work as a team with Calvert City.”

He concluded by saying we are here to do the very best job we can.

Calvert City Police Department has a long-standing tradition of meeting and exceeding standards for police departments in January of this year the police department received and award from the Kentucky League of Cities for a 100% score on the Kentucky League of Cities 2021 Safety and Liability Review. The department has maintained that standing since 2007. The Calvert City Police Department has maintained a certified police department rating for more than two-decades.

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  1. Mchael Gordon says:

    Chief Canon was always accessible to me and my team in the Coroner’s office, he will be a great asset to Calvert

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