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Courthouse roof replacement expected to be costlyFree Access

Marshall County Judge Executive Kevin Spraggs, second from left in the photo above, told the Marshall County Fiscal Court in their last meeting the courthouse roof was much worse than he thought.

By Loyd Ford
The Lake News

Marshall County Fiscal Court met in a special session Friday, March 1, 2024 to hear more about what is instore for the courthouse’s deteriorated roof. The court previously began a move to replace the roof on the building but was stalled by cost and others concerns.

Marshall County Judge Executive Kevin Spraggs told the Commissioners that he had climb the access ladder and looked at the roof. He said that in one place there was a hole approximately 18 inches in diameter and other places when the old roofing material had pulled away from the walls.

Judge Spraggs explained the roof was actually three different roofs on the original build and on two later additions to the building. He told the court it was going to take a lot to repair the roof. He continued to explain the process of installing a new roof would first begin with removing all of the gas lines and waterlines on the roof. There are eight HVAC units on the roof that must be taken off the roof for the roof replacement and two of those units are not currently working. The two disabled units service the county clerk’s office and the fiscal court room.

Before work can be done on the roof, according to Judge Spraggs, core samples of the roofing material will have to be taken to ensure the roof does not contain asbestos. He also explained there were some abandoned vents on the roof that would have to be filled. He also said that before a new roof could go on the building a four-inch-thick insulation board would have to be installed on the roof of the building.

The age, current condition of the HVAC units is causing some concern that they may have to be replaced which would drive up the cost more.

Commissioner Monti Collins asked about whether or not the repair had been placed in the budget.

Judge Spraggs explained they had budgeted $360,000 for roof repairs. Those repairs included the new roof on the Marshall County Judicial building, which was recently completed. Since the county and the Administrative Office of the Courts shared the cost of the new roof the county will be re-imbursed for the bulk of the cost of the roof for the judicial building. Judge Spraggs continued to explained they should have money for the roof when they are re-imbursed by the AOC.

Spraggs told the court, “It was worse than what I thought it was when I got up there.”

The court agreed to engage PFGW Architects to prepare design work for the roof replacement so the project could be let for bids.

In other business before the court Marshall County Clerk Crissy Greer spoke to the Commissioners and advised them that she had returned to the county $156,551.62 in excess fees for the year.

The court also accepted a report of additional funds received by the county treasurer for $534,000.

The court approved a grant for the Marshall County Sheriff’s office from KACO for new tactical shields and a non-lethal bullet launcher. The grant for $9,291 will be issued to the county after the county pays for the equipment in advance.

The court also approved a bid of $23,000 for mowing service from Atkins Lawn Service who is the current mowing firm used by the county. The bid was up from $16,000 from last year, however, additional areas to be mowed have been added to the contract including one park, the Rescue Squad building and the coroner’s office. Atkins Lawn Service has held the county’s mowing contract for three-years.

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